About us

Double Take has been performing in the La Crosse area for over 20 years. The band enjoys playing for people that like to dance and have fun!  Clients love the fact that Double Take always has a good sound without being too loud!  Another plus is that Double Take moves promptly from one song to the next so there is no dead time between songs while you are on the dance floor! When you book Double Take, you no longer have to worry about the music. The band is professional so you can relax and have confidence that things will go exactly as planned. The members of Double Take are;

Doug Mahlum:(the "most versatile singer on the planet") / lead vocal, trumpet, flugelhorn, rhythm guitar, and… tambourine.  Yes, always the darn tambourine. …Could somebody please hide or steal his darn tambourine…?? 

Matt Kopecky: drums ( “GO HAWKS!”)

Paul Leithold:  lead guitar, vocal

Mary Leithold: lead vocal, keyboards

Cory Groves: “The Professor of Groove-ology” bass, vocal